Will the real ‘Women of God’ please stand up…please stand up?


May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real ‘Women of God’ please stand up?
I repeat will the real ‘Women of God’ please stand up?

I lay in bed recapping all the moments of the day. It started off rough from the beginning.

Strong-willed kiddos. Exhausted momma. Barking dogs. Unwashed laundry. Breakfast to be eaten. Dishes left from the night before. Mini petting zoo to be cared to. Cheerful husband. (Oh yes, this one is good but sometimes we tend to overlook, even be annoyed by the good at times like this.)

And then, I walk into the living room and there in the middle of the floor are several items that I have told my son, over and over and over to please put away.

Am I the only Jesus-loving woman who turns ‘CrAzY Lady’ from time to time?

My patience decreases, my voice volume increases, and my ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ personality flees … can I get a Witness?

This wasn’t the way I wanted to react. This wasn’t who I was…or was it? As I was lying in bed that evening I became overwhelmed with guilt. I do not typically act like this in front of others. I can be gentle, patient and compassionate with every woman in our church. I can attend and even minister at women’s events with such poise, integrity, and grace…so why do I find myself being the complete opposite from time to time with the people I love the most? It’s simple. I must be a fake…a phony… a fraud!

Then, I hear a still small voice from within saying, “You are NOT a fake! You are a mighty woman of God! You are a loving, gentle, attentive, kind, and faithful woman of God! The woman whom you see when you are walking in your ministry, speaking and engaging to those in need, praying prayers over your babies, making dinner for your widowed neighbor, respecting your husband, and loving life? THAT is the core of who you are. THAT is who I created you to be. All these other moments in between (no matter how often they may come) are just that…moments. And as you grow in Me, these moments occur less and less. Ask for forgiveness to those you may have wronged, dust yourself off, and keep being AWESOME!”

“Because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4b

We may stumble and we may fall but that does not make us a failure or a fake. I heard someone recently say “If I simply paint a wall, that doesn’t make me a Painter.” Well, if I merely mess up from time to time, this does not make me a Failure or a Fake.

My failures remind me that I am a sinner, saved by an Almighty King and proves just how desperate I am for Him.

Woman of God, you are not a fake and you are not alone. You are loved, you are chosen, and you are The Real Deal!

I repeat, will the real Women of God please stand up?

*Disclaimer: I do NOT listen to nor do I approve of the actions, words, or life of this original song or singer.*

10 thoughts on “Will the real ‘Women of God’ please stand up…please stand up?

  1. Love, love, love how very well spoken & true your words are! I to myself can so relate. Thanks for the reminder we are real. .keep the words coming very inspiring & heart felt!

  2. So this post came at the perfect time! I may or may not have had a mini melt down myself over messy homeschool rooms and day old dishes and… *sigh*
    This is exactly the encouragement I needed to hear! Thank you Jesus! 😀

    Found you on Titus 2sday Link Up!

  3. I keep trying to come up with an adequate comment to portray how much your words meant to me. I have been operating under this guilt of inauthenticity. I can’t thank you enough for the reminder that He is greater than my mistakes and humanness. And those good parts of me aren’t fake but exactly how He made me to be. Goodness, I have lots to think about and pray over now. Thank you, thank you for sharing your heart on this with us! :) Sharing this post!!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. Just like with most of my posts, it’s the real deal. If I post it, I normally walked it! Praying for you Kelsey…and thanks for sharing! I’m headed over now to check out your page! 😉


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