Unfading Beauty


Her hair is curled,
her clothes just right.
Still…she’s on her knees,
putting up a fight.

No one knows
the battles that rage.
With her hands lifted high,
she shows forth praise.

Some demand attention,
while others yell Hurry!
Sometimes she gets discouraged
and weighted with worry.

She forgives with grace
and wears a smile.
She prays for her husband
and walks the extra mile.

Her hair is graying
from maturing duty.
What others see
is unfading beauty.

At day’s end
she forgets the strife.
With JOY she serves
as the Pastor’s wife.

by Tasha Cantrell

8 thoughts on “Unfading Beauty

  1. Tasha this site is beautiful, the poem is beautiful! Proud of all you are accomplishing. God brought to my memory a few years ago when I told you He was fixing to use you in a mighty way! That’s all I really remember. Anyway, congratulations!! I look forward to watching this grow! Love you!

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