My husband and I have been through a lot.


Over the last 14 years we’ve experienced some messy days. Some days, messier and bigger than others.

We’ve went through the birth of two children, one of them being born with heart complications therefore leading to heart surgery, we’ve experienced college days, careers, leadership positions and even church hurt. I can gladly say that through the grace of God, these messy days have brought us closer together.


So why is it that toothaches, leg cramps, yelping puppies and sleepless nights can bring out the worst in us?

Why is it that we can look back on these ‘big’ trials and see the growth that has taken place during these days but then we get up one fine Thursday morning, tired and cranky (see leg cramps, puppies, and sleepless nights) and feel like we’ve taken 10 steps back?


I’ll tell you why… scripture tells us in Song of Solomon 2:15, “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines…”

Ladies, these simple, mundane days…these are the days that mold us into that powerful woman of God.

The days that help us endure the ‘big’ days.

We have been given the gift to choose.

We can choose to focus on how cranky hubby was this morning and how ugly our reaction might have been…OR…we can choose to use these leg cramps and sleepless nights as growth opportunities.


So, today, no matter how your morning went or how your week has gone, or even your entire 2015, CHOOSE joy, CHOOSE peace, CHOOSE kind words, CHOOSE forgiveness.


No, we can’t do this on our own but get in God’s word, pray, seek Him.

Let Him lead you in these moments of growth because it’s the pesky little foxes that can make or break us.


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