Is it Friday already?


I’m here and I’m still a kickin’!



I know, I only missed yesterday in my blog posting and there is no “rule” that says I have to write daily…but I have to be very intentional about not beating myself up over missing a day.


My week has been filled with sick kiddos, long sleepless nights, fever, strep throat, and Emergency Room visits with my father in law.  No, this is not an ideal week but my family is still alive and happy!

(This was my view at around 4 am on Wednesday zoom.  Oh Lord help her crazy little feet…)

I am surrounded with such sweet, Jesus loving kids that it makes my heart smile.  Yesterday, Allison was starting to feel a little better so she road with her daddy down the road to get some hay.  While they were gone she said she started feeling bad so she went and layed down in the truck while he was talking.  I said, “Sissy, how come you didn’t tell Daddy you were sick and needed to come home?”  She replied, “They were talking about the Lord… so I didn’t want to interrupt them.”

Y’all, if this doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will.

She was so sick too…when he carried her in, her temperature was 102.5.

This is a true act of selflessness.  A seven year old girl, achy and feverish, but still not going to interrupt a conversation about the Lord.

Thank you Lord for my sweet, sweet babies…



My post today may not be all “spiritual” or even have a scripture in it…but this is OK.  To be completely honest, none of my week has been real spiritual or had much scripture in it.  I’ve read my chapters for my Bible Reading Plan but other than that, not much more than prayers of healing over my babies and father in law.

And some days, this is OK too.

2 thoughts on “Is it Friday already?

  1. I’m so sorry for all of the sickness you’re dealing with, but I LOVE this post! What a sweet girl you have! I’m praying for you and your family!

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