I used to be Super Mom…but now I’m not.



It’s true. I used to be Super Mom.

I used to be the mom making the amazing gifts for every single student in my kids class.  I used to be the mom who sent the best snacks and drinks…and I NEVER forgot.  I used to be the mom who gave the best Christmas and end of the year gifts. Y’all, I even used to be the mom to make goodies for the teacher’s lounge.

But now Im not.


Somewhere along the way, Super Mom was replaced with ‘last minute, throw it together,  doing good to remember they even have snacks’ mom.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel I am a very attentive parent when it comes to my child’s school work and activities (and especially their Spiritual walk) but all those extras?  Yeah well, this year I’ve slacked a little in this area.

Teachers, will you please forgive me?  We highly respect you and appreciate you so much!

We have been EXTREMELY blessed this year with such amazing faculty. They don’t just teach my children but they love my children…and they inspire my children.

They deserve to be pampered.  They deserve treats. They deserve something special.

They don’t deserve the message that says “Can I have your mailing address please?”.  In case you are a Super Mom and don’t know what that message means, it means ‘I’m just now ordering your gift so it will not be in by tomorrow.’ (Which happens to be the last day of school by the way)


To the teachers, again…I’m sorry. I will truly try and do better next year.


To all the Super Moms out there…Can you please go above and beyond for our teachers this year to make up for people like me who are in an extremely busy season of life?


To the rest of the moms out there, try and take a few minutes to write out a “Thank You” note to the teachers and if you can swing it, grab them a gift certificate to pamper themselves this Summer. And remember,  you are not alone… more than likely your teacher totally gets it and forgives you. Why? Because if you have teachers are anywhere near as good as ours, they truly teach because they love it. All the extras don’t make or break them.  They are just that, extras.

Next year…I will be Super Mom again.

Not really, I probably won’t but I am going to try and be more intentional and show my appreciation towards those who serve my family…:-)


Update: Confession #2

As I slid into the parking lot minutes before the awards ceremony, I stuffed $20 in an envelope.

Seriously,  who does that!?!

Mrs. Springer and Mrs. Thralls, I love you…and I’m sorry. :-) :-) :-)

4 thoughts on “I used to be Super Mom…but now I’m not.

  1. You are the best mom and parent ever!! You don’t have to give me anything! You shared your beautiful children with me and that’s the best gift of all!!

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