Finding Joy through a Servant’s Heart



“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”Mark 10:45

Around our home right now we are learning a lot about becoming a humble servant and praying for a servant’s heart.


Ministry isn’t always about cheese and sprinkles! Sometimes it’s ugly, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s about giving more than receiving. No, I take that back. Oftentimes it’s about giving more than receiving.


But this is OK. It’s still all worth it!


I began Confessions of a Blessed Pastor’s Wife in order to help others find JOY in their journey….to help them navigate through life, not in the mundane but in the EXTRAordinary! But through this, I cannot WILL NOT let my own children lose their JOY in serving others.


Not long ago I had a long, heartfelt talk with my 9 year old son about the importance of serving God at full speed.


The best approach to loving what we do is to live as Christ and serve others with all of our heart.


If you will remember, we currently pastor a church of approximately 75 people (over 100 this last week), 3 times a week in our home. Granted, we are very close (just a few weeks) to getting into our new building but we have been serving God in this capacity for over 2 years. Our bedrooms, living room, and den all become Sunday school rooms every week while our garage is a full time sanctuary. We do not have a nursery so on some days my kids’ rooms are visited by children during service times.


This sometimes upsets my son.


He may be the pastor’s son but he is human too and has to learn and grow just like the rest of us do. He doesn’t quite understand WHY they think this is ok but more importantly I want him to learn WHY we do what we do and HOW to truly love and embrace this season of our lives.


God called us to this ministry and when I say “us”, I do not mean just me and my husband. He called US as a family. I don’t just reprimand my son for being frustrated or not understanding. I desire for him to learn ‘not’ to be frustrated and to understand why.


This picture is of my trash can after one of our church services.  It is filled to the brim with water bottles.  These bottles were strewn all throughout our home.  Austin helped me empty and trash all of these bottles while we had this conversation.  We had fun while doing it and made a game out of it.  I was able to be that walking example of finding JOY in the ‘not so glamorous’ part of our Journey.  It helped. :)


I explained to him how God has blessed us with a nice home in order to hold these services and he has blessed them with fun toys in order that they may share their blessings with others. If God did not see our family fit to serve in this capacity, we may not have this big house or all these toys to be able to share with others.


My son is beginning to understand this. Will he question seasons like this again? Probably. Is this ok? Absolutely!


My children will walk JOYfully in Servanthood, as did Christ.


IMG_20150518_150315    IMG_20150518_150240

God gives us spiritual gifts and these gifts require growth…these gifts mature over time…


If we bypass these seasons of growth or ‘throw it in the microwave rather than the slow cooker’, we will not mature in our gifts and we will continue to stay as newborns in our walk with God.


We must make the most out of our ‘growth opportunities’ so that we can be used at maximum capacity and in the fullness of the power and the authority that Christ has placed within us.

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