Dresses, Tiaras, and One Procrastinating Momma


In my head, I may have been having one of those CrAzY Lady moments…

It was the day of my little girl’s 7th birthday party…and I had procrastinated. Really, I typically have a somewhat decent party planned for my kiddos … but this year? Well, we have a lot going on right now. My hubby pastors a church out of our 2 car garage. We’ve been in here for a little over 2 years and have been averaging around 75 people in attendance. Recently, we have acquired a building and have been remodeling it into our new place of worship. Needless to say, we are all beyond ready to get into our new building. We worship on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s and have been having work nights at the church 3 other nights per week. I work outside the home right now so this has basically left me with no time to spare to run errands. I had some amazing women from my church step up and create some really fun cakes.  This little girl of mine is a “lover of life” and was beyond excited about her party. She wanted to wear a princess dress and tiara. So, on my lunch break, I began my hunt for the perfect dress. 5 stores and 2 hours later, I still had no dress. Oh, and my A/C had stopped working in my vehicle and if you know anything about Oklahoma Summer paired with 100% humidity, then you will truly cry for me now. 😉

Now back to my ‘moment’…I managed to grab a bite to eat after stripping off any extra article of clothing or accessory that was not absolutely necessary and headed back to work.

I had managed to locate a tiara and also remembered another lady from my church that has a daughter similar in size to mine and loves to bless us with very nice hand me downs from time to time. She was able to find us a dress! Praise the Lord!


Once I was able to leave for the day, I ran by to pick up the dress and then headed home.

I still had to bathe my daughter, fix her hair, and decorate for the party when I got home. To my surprise,  one of our Teen girls from church had been at my house and had already given her a bath and fixed her hair.

{SIGH!} – Love those girls.

Even though Allison had asked about a dress and tiara, she was so surprised when I pulled them out for her!


This party was FAR from Pinterest worthy but it was not a fail!



Oh yeah, it started raining while I was trying to get pictures!  At this point though, we burst out laughing, then stopped and snapped a selfie!

IMG_20150509_002802Happy birthday to my amazing little girl!


3 thoughts on “Dresses, Tiaras, and One Procrastinating Momma

  1. Oh that sweet child is just full of life! Definitely not a fail mom. I had a stripping moment in Dallas Saturday. This humidity is crazy. Anything that wasn’t necessary was coming off!!

  2. She is amazing and so is her mother. So we know where she gets it from. Love them both. Allison is very special and going to grow up to be a amazing young lady. ☺

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