Challenge Accepted Saturday


I know it’s Saturday and I haven’t been writing on the weekends.


However, ….


I have a CHALLENGE for you…


I challenge you to FOCUS this weekend…


Focus on your husband, focus on your children, focus on your Precious Savior…


Put down your phones, try and stay off social media for a bit today and FOCUS.




*Look at your children when they are speaking to you and pay attention.

They are absolutely begging for your attention.

If you don’t give it to them…somebody else will.


*Ask your husband questions. I know life is busy and you’ve probably missed out on a lot this week.

-What was a high point in his week?

-Did he have days a little more troubling?

He would love to see you interested again…


*Get in the Word. Period.  It doesn’t have to be anything in particular. Just get in and read.


Now…as for myself?






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