Blame it all my roots…that I showed up in…well, at all!




Blame it all on my roots

that I showed up in boots  … that I showed up at all!



It’s late (if you can’t tell from the text above) :), it’s storming outside and hubby hasn’t made it home yet. He’s at the Chicken Auction…(like we need more baby chicks) :-)


Anyway, I’m lying here and my heart is heavy as I think about faithfulness…


Where do our priorities lie? What is of utmost importance to us?  What are we teaching our children?


I do not care who you are, where you live, how much money you make, or what your position or title is…If there is something (anything) keeping you from your #Mission, your #Ministry, your #Calling…you best #LetItGo.




It is not of God.


If something is causing you to miss worship when you normally wouldn’t,  if something is causing you to show up late when you were normally early, if something is causing you to separate yourself from your Christian friends and/or family, if something is causing you to put your spiritual needs on the back burner…



These actions show a great deal of where you place your priorities and is also teaching your children what they should hold of utmost importance.


I was raised in a home where #Faithfulness to our mission was not only encouraged but expected.


I thank God for this.


However, I look around me today and see a world full of faithless, lazy, self-centered people!


Scripture tells us in the book of Matthew that we are to ‘deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus… which means to ‘die daily to our own flesh and desires’ …   I think we as a people are, as mentioned above, faithless,  lazy,  and self absorbed….dying daily to our flesh means to put away our selfishness!


It means standing when we want to sit. It means walking away when we want to rebuttal and defend, it means turning down the late night movie on Saturday if it keeps us from church on Sunday,  it means saying NO to self and YES to God!


Will you join me today as I swallow down this hard reminder myself?







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