My name is Tasha Cantrell…and I am a pastor’s wife!  I have been married to my husband, whom you will probably hear me refer to as “hubby” most of the time, for right at 14 years.  We have 2 amazing children and live in Oklahoma.  We have been ministering out of our little 2 car garage for a little over 2 years and are just about to transition into our new church building. {woot! woot!} What an amazing adventure this has been!  We are steadily rapidly outgrowing our space and will be so excited to get into a bigger building.  We average about 75 faithful members 3 times a week…in our home.  Has it been all sunshine and roses?  Uhmmm, no.  Has it been worth it?  Absolutely!  Before hubby stepped into the role of ‘pastor’, we had been the associate pastors and youth leaders at another church for about 10 years.  I’m still learning all the ups and downs of being in this position, just as you probably are in yours.  Whether you are a pastor’s wife, other church leadership, or simply a lay member, there is JOY in this Journey.  Will you join me?