A Shout Out to all the Momma’s…

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Because sometimes Momma, you are sick with a fever and hubby brings home 68 baby chicks and 4 baby bunnies…and you have to clean up poop.

That’s life.

Needless to say, life ‘happened’ for me today.  I didn’t throw a fit or yell at hubby for buying the mini farm. :-) I did however, have myself a little pity party while scrubbing the floors.

And then my little girl says, “Thank you Momma.  Life’s not always fun is it?”

And so I cried…

How profound of my precious little 6 year old. (She will be 7 on Mother’s Day.)


Life is what we make it. Jesus tells us in the book of John that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and He came to give us life. Not just a boring, mundane life, but an abundant, EXTRAORDINARY life!

Life isn’t always fun…but it’s always worth it!

So today, instead of having myself a little pity party, I decided to step back and watch the excitement on my kids faces while they play with 68(!) baby chicks and 4 bunnies. Oh, did I mention we recently acquired 4 goats as well? :-)

If our own little petting zoo brings a smile to my kids faces then sure, why not! Even if it means assisting my sweet, messy little family clean up poop.

Because sometimes Momma, we choose to LIVE this life we were blessed with more abundantly!

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